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Our Brand



VANGÄRD are a dedicated up-cycling plastic marine waste brand  that makes high quality caps and apparel. Plastic waste retrieved from the ocean depths by fishermen and other ocean clean-up programs is collected, cleaned, sorted, recycled and returned to industry as to be transformed into premium, sustainable, everyday collections



VANGÄRD ensures that raw materials and products made from plastic marine waste are accessible to everyone. In this way we can all chose to help clean our oceans.


VANGÄRD is fully committed to using ocean recycled plastic fabrics in all our caps. We use traceable and certified fabrics, so as to give our consumers and clients the peace of mind that they are choosing a product to help end plastic waste in our oceans.


VANGÄRD offers an in-house design service with fully customised options, to produce bespoke caps for any brand.The Vangard takes every detail into account to create a cap that meets the high standards of our clients and consumers alike.